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Start & Grow Your Cleaning Business

So, you’ve decided to start or grow your commercial cleaning business? If you thought you needed “someone who’s been there,” you’ve come to the right place.

If you have been contemplating starting a commercial cleaning business or you’ve been frustrated with operating your business, you can now get the knowledge on how to start and the support services you need to enable you to make the most of your time and GROW your cleaning business.


Why NOW is the time to START & GROW your commercial cleaning business:

  • Clean, sanitized working spaces have never been more highly valued or appreciated than in the age of COVID-19 – and will continue to be as the pandemic subsides.
  • Even offices half-occupied need to be cleaned weekly, if not daily.
  • Commercial cleaning is a recurring revenue business model.

With all of this – and more – working in your favor, you’re right to want to start and grow a commercial cleaning business.

team of cleaners


“This system is essential to anyone who wants to transition from worker to owner. It is a complete program offering ongoing support for new and established janitorial companies. The human resource program frees me to focus on company growth and development. I have been provided with everything needed to succeed in this industry.”

-Carman Gilmore

Safe & Reliable Outsourcing

manage your cashflow

Manage Your Cash Flow

Are you a Small to medium size business that need to cut cost OR really cannot afford a $40K-$50k full-time bookkeeper/accountant or a $75K a year Human Resources Manager or a Marketing Manager?

Save Time

Do you have Limited Time and Limited Time when it comes to Back Office task such as bookkeeping, paying bills, human resources, marketing, administrative task?

Outsource to America’s Cleaning Connection Management Group

We are a safe and secure way to outsource. We do the work, and you get the rewards. Leave the tedious processes to us and you do the approvals. Gain better cash flow management and financial control in less time. Spend more time running the business and focusing on what makes you money and let us simplify your life by giving you back your precious time. The purpose of being in business is to live your life the way you want to live your life.

We Have The Resources You Need to
Grow Your Cleaning Business

Accelerate the growth and efficiency of your business by getting access to business sources, tools, and people you need.


Are your ready to be your own boss?

We’re here to help you start, grow and expand your commercial cleaning business. Get expert information, tips and resources from professionals who:

  • Had a corporate career in HR and took away valuable expertise and processes
  • Started a small part-time commercial cleaning business as a side hustle
  • Left a job at a Fortune 100 company to pursue their own dreams
  • Became so successful in commercial cleaning that a market leader bought their million-dollar business in 2004

We’ve been down the road of business success and want to help you accelerate the efficiency and growth of your venture. What took years to learn and implement can now be yours –  all while dramatically cutting your learning curve with proven processes and support systems.

What’s Next?

If you’ve been frustrated with your current job, are a college student, facility manager or operating your small to medium size cleaning business, we’re here to help by providing the support services to enable you to make the most of your time and GROW the business as the need for cleaning services continues, week in and week out.

You’re in the right place at the right time but will need the right tools to grow.

With our help, you can accelerate the efficiency and growth of your business. You will have the knowledge and expertise that took our professionals years to learn and implement – while dramatically cutting your learning curve.


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